Welcome to the No. 1 company in India.
17 years and still No. 1 in India, 2800 crores turnover.
1st Indian company to go international, all certification, 4000 plus people earning 1 Lakh (INR) a month. Highest earner of the company earned monthly 1 crore (INR).

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Vestige Marketing plan – How to start and earn Millions.

About Vestige company.
Vestige started in 2004 and their Slogan is “Wealth through Wellness

Photo credit: Vestige Facebook page

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Vestige is a Network Marketing company , Number 1 in India, 30th in global position. Only company from India which made to top 50 list. Turnover is 2800 Crore till now.

In network marketing industry, vestige is the number one company with huge ratio of a employees who work with Vestige company.

Vestige company History.

Vestige started in the year 2004 with 3 Director.

1) Gautam Bali;
2) Kanwar Bir Singh;
3) Deepak Sood.

Vestige joining criteria.
1) Joining vestige you must be 18 years.
2) All religion people can join.
3) No qualifications required.
4) You need to be hard working and have a big dreams to achieve , Vestige is the right platform to fulfill your dreams.

How to join vestige and whom to contact ?

1) From the person whom you have received this Vestige Blog.

Vestige training program.
Vestige company provide training in a 2 ways .
1) Seminar
2) Zoom live training.

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What you learn from Vestige training program?
1) You will learn about the Company system.
2) How to built network through social media network.
3) From the training you will learn how to be motivate, positive, how to work in a team ,how to be great leader.
4) How to start earning money from the First month.
5) Benefits of the Vestige products.
6) How your daily use Vestige grocery will get you money.
7) How you will be a bronze director, Silver director,Crown director.
8) Benefits of this position , your income , your benefits.

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If you need success apply this Success Mantra.

1) You have to learn about Vestige system.
2) If you learn Vestige System it will be easy for you to explain about vestige product.
3) Vestige have simple system with proper guidance of your senior team mate in Vestige they will help you to earn money from the first month .
So never give up!!!
Success take little time.
So avoid negative people from your life.

Process of joining Vestige company?
1) Attend the meeting on zoom or seminar learn about the company system.
2) Register your self in vestige company, Registration process is free.
3) Purchase the vestige product to activate your Vestige I’d.
4) Vestige Products are really worth for your money.

Photo credit: Vestige Facebook Page

Is there is any option available in Vestige how you can make money from the first month of joining?
Yes, there are many people who is making money from the first month of joining. Vestige give opportunity to a new family member to make money by selling few products which are very useful in daily life.
Product are:

1) Water purifier

Photo credit: Water purifier Vestige

2) Air purifier

Photo credit: Air purifier Vestige

You can sell this product to your friends, family members, or else you can start doing promotion on Social media platforms .

I hope our post on Vestige company you have understood.
Vestige company is better then all networking company.
So join vestige company and fullfil your dreams and be happy in the life.

Best of luck to every new joining.

If you have any questions regarding this blog please feel free to ask . If you want to know more about the Vestige please visit the link https://www.myvestige.com/