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Narendra banjara at the age of 20 became an Enterpurer and Co-founder of Skoolearn, he is the inspiration of young youth now, He is a famous name in Affiliate marketing platform, he come up with a unique idea , where people can earn 90% of commission on each sale. He analyzes the market, how new marketers are struggling to get sales in Affiliate marketing. Mr. Narendra banjara has implemented the very unique idea, where all affiliate marketers will make good money. He knows the valuable time you spent in promoting courses , so he offer 90% of commission on each sale. Mr Narendra banjara and his team working on a advertising and promoting Skoolearn , so it will be easy for everyone to sale courses.

Co-founder : Narendra Banjara of Skoolearn

What is Skoolearn?
An educational hub, where you learn and earn 90% of commission on each sale.

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Why join skoolearn? If there is so many affiliate program? If you join skoolearn you have the advantage of selling the package.
Benefits are as follows:
1) 90% commission on the sale
2) Same-day payout into your bank account.
3) If you achieve the target you will receive the best performance Certificate and Cash rewards.
4) Tour to any destination in India after achieving team target.

The main point to be noted.
My experience as a blogger and a marketing planner. If you join as an affiliate marketer in a new start-up organization you will get good sales and there are many ways to get success.

1) You can put proof of your earnings on social media platforms.
2) 90% commission on each sale.
3) Everyone looking for a new plan to make money.

How many packages in Skoolearn?
There are 3 packages in Skoolearn

1) Silver package

2) Gold package

3) Platinum package

My suggestion is you can start with the Silver package and in the future, you can upgrade your silver package to gold and platinum after your earning.

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There is any training session in Skoolearn?
Yes on Monday and Saturday, training will conduct on the Zoom app and there will be a live webinar with the Expert trainer who is in the same industry for a long time.

Why choose Skoolearn as an Affiliate marketer?
1) If you join Skoolearn as an Affiliate marketer you will get more chance to grow, There is a many affiliate marketer, they have millions on their dashboard, only one reason they join in a start-up of the Company.
2) I think you are clever enough, you understand the point.

If you join Skoolearn they will also provide you platform for your promotional advertising in a blog with your photograph and contact details for obtaining sales or increase sales.

Skoolearn is legal ?
Yes It is legal, with ISO registration certificate.

Please join using referral id: Let’s earn together and be millionaire in few months.