What is Affiliate Marketing? Which Affiliate Program is trustable?
Affiliate marketing is a platform, where you make commission through sales. Bizgurukul platform is a good platform to start and earn quick money from Affiliate marketing programs. Click this link https://wa.me/message/D2OKTL2L5OY6K1 to know more about Bizgurukul.

What is Bizgurukul ?
Bizgurukul is a platform where you can gain Education from Top Marketing Leaders.

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Bizgurukul have top trainers as compared to other Affiliate platform?

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1) Paras Saxena

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2) Mr. Keshave Lal

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3) Rohit Sharma

How you will get this training?
There are three package. You can choose one of those packages to start.
1) Gold Package

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2) Sapphire Package

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3) Platinum Package

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You can choose one of the above Package and be a part of Bizgurukul Affiliate marketing programs.

This packages are free or I need to pay?
Yes, you have to pay for packages but you will pay a less amount as compared to other Affiliate platform.

Bizgurukul Prices of the package includes GST.
1) Gold package= Rs 3500/-
2)Sapphire package= Rs 5999/-
3) Platinum package = Rs 9999/-

Whom to contact to join Bizgurukul?

1) My suggestions will be to join under the mentorship of any team members of Bizgurukul.
2) In Bizgurukul managing team and leadership is really strong. 3) 3) Mr. Radhe Shyam.

The positive feedback I received from Bizgurukul marketers about Mr. Radhe Shyam, he is potential and capable of mentorship. He is a good leader, implements new ideas, gives training to his team who have joined under his mentorship, Radhe Shyam help them to close the sale. You can contact Radhe Shyam at the following link https://wa.me/message/D2OKTL2L5OY6K1

Bizgurukul is legal?
Yes it is legal with a
certified certificate

Earning System of Bizgurukul is high from another Affiliate program.

Photo credit: Bizgurukul Partner.

What you will learn from Bizgurukul?
E-mail marketing techniques, Prospecting social media, Attraction Marketing, Social Media strategy, Content Marketing, Finding Similar interest audience, Getting Traffic, Finding keywords tool, there are many more training you will receive which is not mentioned in this blog. As I can assure you the training which you will get in Bizgurukul you won’t get in any other Affiliate marketing program, give his Out of this World experience .

What is the Commission payout cycle in Bizgurukul?
Commission payout cycle is every week, you will receive earning into your bank account which you have Registered after joining.


Bizgurukul is a high-earning Affiliate marketing program. In this program, you have to make Online Payments through the Bizgurukul website. You will receive acknowledge payment receipt on your Registered Email I’d for each payment and Bizgurukul never asks for cash for joining so do not give cash to anyone in the name of joining the Bizgurukul Affiliate marketing program.
If you have any further questions regarding click the link https://wa.me/message/D2OKTL2L5OY6K1
I hope you have understood about Bizgurukul Affiliate marketing programs through this blog.
Best of luck to every new joining Bizgurukul.

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