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How you can use facts-4you.in advertising blog to crack sale in Affiliate marketing.

Hey guys, I am your blogger and affiliates coach, today I will explain you the importance of the adversting blog, how you can you crack your sale in few minutes, you have to read this blog completely to understand the way to crack your sale.

Once you purchase an advertising blog, you will have your photograph, Whatsupp link and Instangram link in the blog, the first thing you have to do when you receive the blog is to share it on different social media platform.
1) Facebook: You have to post the blog and tag your friends, whom you know well.
2) Instagram: You have to keep your story that if anyone purchase a course from you, they will recieve a complimentary blog with the Photograph, Whatsupp link and instangram link so they can promote themselves to get leads which will help them to crack the sale.
3) You have to share the blog on Messenger with everyone you think may be interested.
4) You have to keep your blog link on Whatsapp.
5) You have to share the blog for atleast 2 days everywhere possible, if you really want to get leads and sales. 6) You have to like all the network marketing page as well, they will be your open customer, if you explain them about the benefits they will definitely buy from you, Example of pages Vestige marketing, MLM, Part time there are many pages available on Facebook so be smart and like their pages and DM those people who is in network marketing.

Every day you have talk to 3 or 4 people who want to join Affiliate marketing, but they are scared and they don’t have money to invest. Explain them about the advertising blog benefits, so they may buy it from you.

What you have to explain them about the adversting blog?

Example you are talking to a boy.
Sir, if you buy a package from me I will provide you a advertising blog, so you can crack sale easily, so he might be confuse, How ? So give him a example of using Facebook right away, he will reply yes I do, so ask him how many friends do you have on Facebook, he will reply like 400 friend, so ask him how many friends you know them well, he will reply like 20. So tell him Sir from that 20 friend, if there are 10 friend online, they will notice your name on the blog headlines that you have join affiliate marketing and soon you will be a Millionaire, so people will read out your blog, you know right?, everyone wants to know what going in your life, how you will become Millionaire in Affiliate marketing, so they will approach you, so you can explain him about it. So they will assured that even if they spend on a small package, they will get a sale in 10 days.

Guys now a days everyone is scared to invest money to buy package, if he or she want to buy they will buy from the people who have already made millions, every new joinee will go to him. So guys be clever and apply this blog strategy to convert your leads into sales. I will give you a short example, guys there is a page of affiliate marketing on Facebook, just post that you want to join a Affiliate marketing and just drop your number ask them to DM. So in a hour you will receive more than 30 affiliate marketer approaching you to buy their package. So guys 1 buyers and 100 seller will be there, So how it will work for you?.

If you offer them a free advertising blog so he or she will be assured that whatever money they going to spend purchasing the package, they will earned it back with the help of this advertisement blog. Trust me guys people are making good money because of advertising blog.

facts-4you.in promote Affiliate marketers. If interested please DM at Instagram id: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQnFnm4MaEt/?utm_medium=copy_link