Hi everyone my name is Chandra Shekar Shende. I have joined as an digital marketer with I digital prenuer.

I am a Digital Entrepreneur and Business Coach working with I digital prenuer.❤️✅

I help Students,Job persons, Housewifes, professional and networkers to make 50k or more through social media by just giving 1-2 Hours everyday that too as per your Flexibility.

I help and Mentor them with my proven, unique and secret Strategies which i have learnt from my experiences.

Struggle towards Success:-

I started my journey with drop shipping business 2 years back but I was not seeing any profit in this business. So after 5 months working in drop shipping stopped. I earned a good amount of money from this business and gained a lot of experience along with it. But I want to grow myself and that’s why I started e-commerce business and developed that business. I gained more experience in this business than before and along with it I also made good income. The biggest reason for closing this business was the delay of the dealers, so by not spoiling the customer relation, I closed that business too. now i work here in digital marketing industry i help people to earn money online with the help of high paying skills working here for a long time and now i am earning upto 15k a day and helping peoples to do the same.

I will help you to get Financially Independent.

I am Making ₹3-14k per Day with my Smartphone and sooner I am going to launch my Digital Agency (offline+online).

“I am stepping into the most successful decade of my Life”

We are a Community of more than 80,000 Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers.
And I have a team with more than 500 Digital Entrepreneurs working Day and Night to help people like you to Learn new Skills,Earn and Grow in Life and Achieve their Goals and Dreams.

There are 20+ Reasons/Benefits to Start a Online Business with us.(To know about it DM me).

Always Remember by “Chandra Shekar Shende🔥” :-

Never underestimate yourself. Always remember why you started and keep moving towards attaining your dreams. Never quit. Never settle for what you have. Always strive to bring out your best self. Stay positive and believe in yourself. This is the inspiring journey of an aspiring and jubilant entrepreneur who turned out to be the best version of himself and followed his passion to make a living out of it.

“Hang out with 5th Millionaire and you will be the 6th”.


I have completed my courses and learned many things. The training I received from I digital prenuer Program is something unique and not like other affiliate platforms.

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How I digital prenuer Program has changed my life Now I don’t have to ask for pocket money from my family, I earn well from the I digital prenuer Program now I am an independent person, Thank you I digital prenuer Program for such a great platform !!! Guys join my team and be a millionaire, let’s earn together!!!


I digital prenuer is a very high-earning Affiliate marketing program. In this program, you have to make Online Payments through the I digital prenuer website to purchase a course. You will receive an acknowledgement receipt on your Registered Email I’d for each payment and they never asks for cash for joining so do not give cash to anyone in the name of joining the I digital prenuer Program. Thereafter you can earn a high commission on each sale which is better than other affiliate marketing programs. Great!!!!!

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I hope you have understood I digital prenuer Program through this blog.

Important point.
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Best of luck to every new I digital prenuer Program Joinee.

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