Hey, guys, this is the blogger of Facts-4you.in, the reason all Affiliate marketers are struggling is because of a lack of knowledge in Selling the package !!!

You need to understand the logic of Affiliate marketing, if there are 30000 people in Affiliate marketing in one company, only 1000 people are making money, the reason is they have joined early this platform, this is not about Affiliate marketing, if you read the Reviews other companies as well such as network marketing, digital marketing, result or same only startup people will earn, so what Companies will do highlight their 1000 people earning and start doing new joining.

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Just a short example for you guys, if you going for shopping to buy clothes there is 2 shop.
In the first shop, there is no discount, and in the second shop there is a discount, everyone will prefer the discount shop !!! So act smartly guys what you guys are doing now !! You making richer more Richer and poor are getting poorer.

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Disclaimer: We are not against any affiliate program or any other platforms , We are just trying to help you to make money guys , Each day I meeting people on social media, who have borrowed the money and bought packages, but there is no earning for them , even you reading this blog now , you also have some dream before buying package you will earn but finally you know how much you earning now !!!