Hey warm welcome to each and everyone, We have found the solution for you in just 5 steps, where you can generate maximum leads and that will get convert into sale with the help of advertising blog !!!!

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First let me inform you, if you want to earn good money, you have to be Patience and follow up will make you millionaire in few months. As per my experience.

There are 4 types of people need to targeted !!!
1) Jobs seeker and jobs workers;
2) Students;
3) housewife;
4) Retired person.

How we can target them and where we will you find them?
So you will find them on facebook, instagram, linkendin the most !!!

Instagram is a Place where you can generate thousand of leads in a month which will pay you well !!!

How you will find jobs seeker and jobs workers on insta gram platforms.
1) You have to follow the pages which are currently based on indian companies and have majority of employees.
Examples1) Bigbazar;
2) Shoppers Stop;
3) Garments brand like Levi’s, pepe, jacks & Jones, perfume brands, Cosmetic brand. You have to google it companies and brands name. Reason is that in this companies people get paid once in a month and the salary they received is very small amount !!! 12000 per month or 15000 per month on the location they work in !!!!

So they are the target 🎯 of yours !! There are still more then billion people who is working 10 to 10 jobs so if you explain them an advantages of joining a Affiliate marketing so definitely they will join under you !!! They have money, but you have to guide them in a proper way.

Students? where you will find student? remember you have to like a School Facebook page, college Facebook page, so you will get the target audience !!! Remember one thing everyone need money but they need Guarantee that their investment must come out in a quick time !!! If you create the way how their investment will come out in a quick time they will definitely buy from you.

Housewife and retired employees you going to find them on Facebook.

We will provide the Attractive DM to get a right audience and they can buy Under you !!! So remember guys follow up is a must in Affiliate marketing.

Let me explain you the mistake what Affiliate marketer are doing .
1) Fake promise of 70 k monthly income to a student and job worker and for any one that is impossible .

You have to spend money guys but other people will not, students will ask their parents to give course money. If they informed their parents of 70000 monthly I will earn !!! their parents will say it is a scam dont join !!! Because they know just scrolling phone 70000 monthly is impossible

So you have to create the small needs which I have in a DM so you will get good sale and you will generate a good leads !!! But follow up is very important.

Without follow up your time is waste !!! You have to built a network on whatsapp so they can look your whatsapp status !!!

Remember guys now days attractive Marketing is very important !!! Everyone want to see their self on Google, they feel like celebrity.

If you give them advertising blog free with the course so they will join under you very fast !!! Now it is a competition if you are selling a prime package, there are Affiliate selling a very affordable packages !!!

So if you use this strategy definitely you going to make good money!!!

Important point :
Leads need time to join so they follow up till they arrange money for the course so hunt top earners followers as well , So be smart you will get quality leads in their followers list so grab the advantage and hunt there by telling them , you going to offer free things along with the course !! Free things are !!
1) Advertising blog
2) 10 Ebook
3) Certificate.

So they will join under you , Because you providing extra value in a same price !!