If I am planning out my vacation my First choice will be Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, My body is in India but my heart is in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi UAE.

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I was interviewed by HR Judith and Ronald in Mumbai at Royal consultancy Office which is located in Dadar west. There was no service charge from the consultancy and the recruitment was free, There were number of applicants available for the interview. Number of candidates came from different states just to attend the interview. Everyone Dreams to Work with a brand like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Luckily I passed my interview and was every excited and happy.

On 08 /12/2015 my flight was from Mumbai international airport, I was very happy that I am going to work with Ferrari World, and I will meet all new people.
I was also a little bit scared that I will not have my family besides me, but for a better future for ourselves and for our family, we have to give sacrifice.

My flight was take off and land at Abu Dhabi airport, I just look out from the window. I saw the beautiful lighting all over and big towers and cars moving on the Road, it was so beautiful experience and I can’t express in words. To be honest while landing I was little scared too, I started missing my family and my friends. I am going to start my new journey, in a unknown Country, I was not having any relative in Abu Dhabi.
Once I reach the airport, company has send a driver who came and finish all the formalities of mine, he was from kerala and he was a nice Man, good in nature we were talking to each other in the car and I borrow phone from him and called to inform my family that I have reach safely to Abu Dhabi. Then I reach my hospitality camp. Then we went hospitality Office and completed my formalities then the office boy gave me the key of my room and he also came along with me to my room, and explaining me what facilities they have in the Camp there was Cafeteria, Laundry, Gym, Small super Market, Beautiful Mosque, Playing ground for football, Cricket and volleyball.

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Next day It was my joining I went to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi , and I was in a 3 days induction. There was many colleague from different countries and different positions, European, African, Asian they also arrived on the same day.
On the 3rd day of induction the Trainer took us to the ferrari world theme park for awareness about the park . We all candidates got a task to go on a Ride, for me everything was new, I was so scared of the ride, but we are Indian we never say no for any task.
When I sit in a formula rossa ride, I was praying to Allah that just save me, it was a thrilling ride, as days go on , I visit Ferrari world on my days off sometime then Formula rossa ride was nothing for me.

Signature Ride ferrari world ( World fastest Roller coaster ride)

Video downloaded: takatak

I got my accessories on my 3rd day of induction, it was really good . Trainer took me to my Merchandise Department office. Where I met my Merchandise Director Mr.Michael and Our Manager Sabine, they was really good by nature, they greet me with a good smile and said Welcome in Merchandise department.
In Merchandise department we where 60 colleague who use to work together.
Merchandise department has different outlets.
1) Ferrari Store
2) Past and Present Store
3) Photo Booth
4) Midway games.
My first day of work was in Midway games, that time my team leader was Arfas Hamza , assistant manager was Steven Wang.
Midway games was to invite the guest to play games and entertain them.
I was little shy that time but I was good in conversation.
In Midway games there was 6 games:
1)Oil can ally
2) Bernillata blast
3) Spark plug
4) Victory lap
5) Peel out Pitch
6) Pit Garage

1.Oil can Ally
There was a 6 cane, we have to shoot from the gunshot if all 6 cane goes down then you win a teddy of Ferrari world.

2) bernillata blast .
There was a 6 player game who play for the big teddy as a prize. Game rule was guest have to hold a car Straining once the game start, Water will come up from the straining we have to hit in the front with the water point, so your car will move up , the person who reach the winning line first , that person will win and that person will get a Prize as a teddy of ferrari world Abu Dhabi.

Photo credit : Ferrari world Facebook page

3) Spark plug was the difficult game you will receive 10 ring, you have to throw that into the spark plug so you will win.

Photo credit : Ferrari world Facebook page

4) victory lap was the game that everyone wins. We use to give them a stick to collect a car, the game structure was there was a artificial mountain and down side there was a water it will run like a slow motion River and the car will moves, they guest have to pick up the car from the stick ,Then we check the car colour if it is white colour sticker you will get small prize if you get green colour medium prize if you get red colour large prize,very interesting game. This game prefer small kids.

4)peel out pitch . You will get a been bag you have to throw in the tyre , you have to stand behind the line . If you throw 3 bean bag out of 5 . You get small prize , if you throw 4 you get medium prize , if you throw 5 out 5 you get large prize

5)pit garage in this game you will get 5 basket ball, you have throw in the basket , if you throw 3 ball in the basket you get small prize if you throw 4 you get medium prize, if you throw 5 out of 5 large prize.

Small prize
2) stress ball
3) crazy ball
4) frisbee
Medium prize.
1) doggy
2)teddy bear
3)black penguin.

Large prize
1) Dog
2) Monkey.
Each game cost you 10 dhiram.

Photo credit: Aijaz sayyed

Midway Games Team Members
1) Nazreen from South Africa.
2) pratheepan from Sri Lanka
3)Arjun from Nepal
4)pillar from Philippine
5)Cathy from Philippine
6) Myself from India
7) Arjun from Nepal
We have achieve a mile stone target which has not yet broke with any other team .

55 different Nationality people work in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, in different departments. But everyone will greet you , if they see you first , it doesn’t matter if they know you . ferrari world staff and management team Welcome all new staff in a good way, they will make you feel like a family.

Photo credit: Ferrari world Facebook page

How you grow in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ?

1) Internal vacancies.
2)Completing your 6 month probation period you can apply for vacant position available in any department you like to.
3)After 6 month you can do cross training in any department you like , you will get a training certificate . that training certificate and your experience of work will help you ,in the interview If that department have a vacancy available on a same position what you have cross training of, you will have higher chances to get selected.
4)Benefits of higher position , in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi , you will get more facility .

Benefits of working with Ferrari world Abu Dhabi .

1) Foods = provided by Company
2) transport= provided by Company
3)laundry = provided by Company
4) health insurance card = provided by Company
5)Basic depends on the position you applied for, every month you get incentive and quarterly incentive too.
6)Fare tickets depend on which position you work in ,
Example: If you are front line colleague you will get your flight ticket after completing 2 years.If you are working in a management level they have some kind of more benefits on fare tickets and holidays as well.

After reading my blog you have questions in your mind how to apply jobs in ferrari world Abu Dhabi?

1) Send your updated resume on:


2)You can comment on my blog and drop your number, for any further help.
3) Ferrari World Hiring is free they never charge money to their Candidate . So never fall in the trap with any Consultancy on the name of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
4) Share my post on Whatsapp, linkendin, Facebook, and with the people who need to work with Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.