Richard Jeltema at the age of 53 is an Entrepreneur in Crowd 1. He is the inspiration of young youth and a very famous name in Crowd 1 with 200 people who are working under his Mentorship and making good money as well, Mr Richard Jeltema has full Confidence in his work, he has pages where he shares many ideas with his team, He keeps on implemented thinks and help his teammate to achieve their dreams.

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What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 is an established crowd marketing company based in UAE with the mission of giving opportunities to members all over the world the opportunity to take part in the digital economy, provide quality education and contribute to achieving more equal opportunities worldwide.


The new upgraded Crowd1 Starter Package has been expanded to offer more to Crowd1 Affiliates (Member and Entrepreneurs). A Starter Package can be purchased or can be earned through the fear of loss bonus. New users of a starter package will receive a lifetime membership to Mindoe, a new app offering high-quality audio courses aimed at promoting development both on a professional and a personal level. In addition, Starter Packages will include a subscription to the gaming Miggster which has an extensive library of games and gives members the chance to compete against friends and colleagues for prizes in regular tournaments. New members are also offered benefits at Life trends as well as credits for various of the products in our C-Store. And all of this comes with the possibility to earn bonuses based on activity in the crowd.

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Become a member – Becoming a member confers the right to share that member’s personal link to recommend others to become customers, members or entrepreneurs. In order to qualify as an active member, at least one personal purchase of a product or service has to be made from the C-store thus earning various bonuses.

Mr Richard Jeltema is offering free complimentary things related to Crowd 1 if you purchase the product from him. They are as follows:
1) Advertising blog with pictures and your crowd 1 link;
2) Two copies of ebook related to Marketing strategy;
3) Trending 2000 Hashtag which will help to gain followers and likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook.

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Benefits of complimentary things

If you purchase a package from Mr Richard Jeltema, you will receive an advertising blog to Promote yourself, and you can explore the value and vision of Crowd 1, which will help you to get Leads, You can share the blog with your friends or on social media to promote yourself and get quick sales. If anyone Purchases a package from Mr Richard Jeltema apart from getting a complimentary advertising blog they will also get the ebook of Digital marketing, where they will learn how to earn.

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Recently Mr Richard Jeltema has achieved Manager Post

Bonus earned by Mr Richard Jeltema.

Becoming an Entrepreneur – A Crows1 member becomes an entrepreneur when they have purchased a Starter Package, and started to build their team. Starter Package can also be earned through the Fear of Loss Bonus. Entrepreneur status entitles an affiliate to take full advantage of the bonuses and incentives on offer from Crowd1 and of course to all the benefits of being a Member.

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Joining people in Crowd 1 family is from all over the World.

This is the number of joining in past last 2 months, there are numerous people joining every day in Crowd 1.

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Crowd 1 package includes Gaming, Education, lifestyles perks. Let’s kickstart your professional journey with Crowd by taking a closer look at our great starter packages. In each package, you’ll find a business toolkit containing premium education apps, SaaS credits, CRM tools and more.

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The crowd1 program never asks for cash for joining so do not give cash to anyone in the name of joining the Crowd1 program.

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