Hi everyone my name is Ayush Kumar Shaw. I have joined as an Affiliate marketer with Leadsark.

Ayush Kumar Shaw a young and dynamic youth born on 8rd December 2003 in district Jamshedpur of Jharkhand, a part of the Jamshedpur division of Jharkhand, known for its rich culture and historical significance. Ayush has just completed his SSC in 2021, but that’s not all the limiting calculus for Ayush, since his early age Ayush was dedicated to social media. He is a well versed mentor of YouTube. Ayush Shaw has a simple but compelling way to describe What Mentorship Really means? Mentorship are a relationship, like a friendship. The same way you wouldn’t cold email a stranger to ask them to be your friend, you should never ask a stranger to be your mentor. Mentorship are a relationship, like a friendship.
Rags-to-riches stories inspire hope and remind even the most down-and-out dreamers that hard work, positivity and perseverance sometimes do pay off no matter how hard the road might seem. In social media and affiliate marketing culture, there is no shortage of youngsters like Ayush with rags-to-riches backgrounds and stories of poverty, trauma and hardship that had to be overcome.
Yes through his hard work and dedication to his most loved hobby turned profession, Ayush got financial stability at his early 17, he was formally thrilled to told that he has made 1 Lakhs in just a short period of 3 months and simultaneously he motivated and helped 100 plus other youngsters to make such big figures financially with online networking.
Yashveer always supported young entrepreneurs at all times with trust and confidence and stood up for them when needed. The confidence that he created among his fellows and followers helped them deliver their best. This unfailing support bestowed upon them a responsibility to perform well. With a good professional atmosphere, Right mentor and consistency you can achieve your goals within a flash, he told.
Besides a successful social media marketing brand, Ayush loves to spend time with his family, fans and followers helping them in their personal and professional chores. One day he will travel across the globe with his own professional circuits all over the world.

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