Hey warm welcome to Affiliate marketer, let me introduce myself Aijaz sayyed a Entrepreneur and have a Marketing experience of 7 years .

1) Highlights your free advertising blog and offer we are giving you once you become Member of Advertising blog.

You have to highlight on status and Instagram story and Facebook Affiliate page. How long you have to do it everyday, this will be your task .

2) When someone DM you for Affiliate marketing, How you need to start your conversation,

First greet them and explain them about the free things which you are going to provide them along with the course. Within 5 minutes conversation explain them except you no one is giving this free advertising blog to the leads, Explain your leads this free things is helping all Affiliate marketer to crack their sale easily, for proof share the Testimonials video which you have, and Share 1 link of Advertising blog highlights .

Explain your leads as well, Once you get your advertising Blog, You will get fame on Google, which you providing for free from your own Commission.
You have to share your advertising blog as well so that person will be confident as well.
So if you are talking to 10 people a day in a month you will have 300 leads. So from 300 leads in 2 month if you are able to sell to 100 leads. So calculate the commission how much it will be !!!

How this thing will be possible. You need to do a right Activity. Work 3 hour but work on a right strategy definitely you will get sale.
1) You need to have a leads number , so they can look your Whatsapp status .
2) Every 2 days you going to share them a sale proof how advertising blog is helping to Affiliate marketer to make money.
If you do this activity I assure you that in 2 month you will be able to make 1 lakh rupees !!! Everyone love free things and valuable things and content, so be smart and start making good money .

Important point :
If your mentor ask you don’t highlights advertising blog offer which you have, so ask him or her to give a confirm Leads.
Remember one thing once you need urgent money no one will help. You have to earn to help your own self.