For the last 2 months, I was planning to join as an affiliate marketer, I was really confused to decide which company should I join because once I was talking to an Affiliate marketer on Instagram and asking them about the joining and their earnings. I can’t believe I come across more than 300 people who join the well-known platform as Affiliate marketers but when I ask them about their earnings they said 1 or 2-course sales in 7 months to 1 year. Even they were struggling.

So one day, while scrolling I connected to an affiliate coach and I ask him to give me advice. My first question was Why affiliate marketers are struggling to sell a course in a well-known affiliate program.

He told me to choose any online platform when a company start-up that period is a golden period, to join so you will earn big money as long you stay with the same company and more people will join under you. If you join a well-known program people are already aware and they use their website to enroll in the program and therefore affiliate market suffers.

He gave me an example, If you are selling me a course, why should I buy from you, I will buy the course from the person who already made millions, if I will be under his mentorship, I will earn good money.

So I realize that he was right, If I join a new affiliate marketing I can earn good money why should I join something which is already famous in the market, It’s even very difficult to sell a single course for a new affiliate marketer. The reason is simple that the people had already made millions and have captured all over the market. I am here to earn money, even if I spent 4 hours on social media, I need at least to sell one course only then it worth my time.

Then I heard about skoolearn, and their benefits and their rewards and pay cycle. So I was amazed and then I decided this is the right time and I have to take action right now.

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Benefits of skoolearn
1) 90% of commission on the sale.
2) Same-day payout.
3) After achieving a million, Certificate and cash reward.
4) Tour with a team to Goa if the team achieves a good target.

I realize that joining skoolearn will fulfill my dream of achieving million because there is a lot of advantage of joining skoolearn rather than other affiliate marketing program.

Please join using referral id: Let’s earn together and be millionaire in few months.

I was not having a way to share my feelings with those strugglers who are struggling to get a sale so I am sharing my experience to get everyone to understand that why newly joined Affiliate marketer people are failing and having a hard time in sales?

If you like my story, so it not too late, you can join skoolearn, and make a move from your platform. Time is money if you join again skoolearn after 9 months or 1 year, again you have to struggle same like how you struggling now!

So best of luck. I hope you will join skoolearn and be a millionaire soon.